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oj-table multiple checkbox checked is not behaving as it should

Hi Folks,

Looks like bug in 8.2.0 version

If i add selection-mode='{"row": "multiple"}'Then checkbox listener will not invoke and multiple checkbox is not working but if hold ctrl and hover over the checkbox set then multiple checkbox checked is working. This is really strange bug and hard to find the cause and it might be regression.  

<template slot="checkTemplate" data-oj-as="cell">




              class='oj-checkboxset-no-chrome oj-selection-checkbox'

             :id="[['table_checkboxset' + cell.key]]"



       <oj-option :id="[['table_checkbox' + cell.key]]" aria-label="[['Checkbox Select Row ' +]]" value="checked"></oj-option>



This will not trigger


If i remove selection-mode='{"row": "multiple"}' then multiple checkbox is working and on ctrl + hover is not working but I am pretty sure if i am not passing the row multiple then it should not select multiple checkbox. 

I am referring this link :


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