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Reset page numbers for sections within an Oracle Report

Scott Hollows
Scott Hollows Member Posts: 104 Blue Ribbon
edited Dec 21, 2021 11:45AM in Reports

How can I reset the page counter in a "Page X of Y" page number in the page footer ?

Ideally, I would like to specify the page counter reset based on the page definition in the paper layout even if it means putting a dummy object on the page to achieve that

My report is in three sections, Some of the queries are reused so Query 1 is used for page 3 and also page 6.

I want to reset the page counter in between some of the pages

I want the page footer text to look like this

Page 1 of 3 <--- page footers for first group of pages

Page 2 of 3

Page 3 of 3

Page 1 of 2 <--- page footers for second group of pages

Page 2 of 2


I have tried many techniques but no luck so far.

The "Sections" technique looked promising but I cant get it to work. This is what I did

  • define a field in the margin

It looks promising, but I dont know how to define a "Section".

Im not sure if it matters, but many of the pages are independent so they do not have a single frame that surrounds all of them

Please provide tips on how to reset the page counter when doing a "Page X of Y"

thank you for any assistance

Scott H