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OAF 12.2.10 Add Remove column in Saved Search.

Hi ,

In 12.2.9 user can update(add/remove) column for a ‘Saved searches’ using

‘Manage Saved Searches’ option.

But in 12.2.10 he can only update name and description of a ‘Saved Searches’.He can not add/remove column in Saved Search.

Can you point OAF document  where this is mentioned . I tried searching OAF

document but could not find.



  • User_7RYFI
    User_7RYFI Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

    As part of 12.1.10 update framework team has disabled addition/removal of column in saved search.

    This is as intended due to limitations from the framework team. Oracle do not have more detailed or technical information than this.

    Because this is the intended functionality, you should log an Enhancement request with the Oracle framework team.