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For the SQL Worksheet, I want to separate DBAs from developers

Dave_VZ Member Posts: 45 Red Ribbon
edited Dec 24, 2021 10:02PM in APEX Discussions

The site I support uses APEX for queries and minor fixes outside of the application. There are no APEX applications, so no one is categorized as an end-user. All users are "developers", logging on through either a read-only or read-write shared account. There's not a whole lot (nothing) written about this, apparently. It seems logical to add another workspace and assign the DBAs to it with the necessary DBA privileges.

I wanted to ask whether there are other viable approaches and if so, to discuss them. TIA.



  • InoL
    InoL Member Posts: 9,800 Gold Crown

    APEX SQL Workshop is pretty useless for DBA's. Try this in SQL Workshop:

    select * from dba_objects
    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    With APEX Builder, you cannot access SYS and SYSTEM objects, so proper database administration is not possible.

     and assign the DBAs to it with the necessary DBA privileges.

    Are you talking about database privileges here? APEX doesn't use database privileges. You can use method "Database account" only for authentication, to check the user password

    Just use SQLDeveloper or some other tool like that. Most DBA's I know don't even like GUI tools, they want the command prompt :-)