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Oracle APEX multiple files upload is extremely slow

user12024388 Member Posts: 26 Bronze Badge
edited Dec 27, 2021 5:00PM in APEX Discussions


I have a configuration which consists of two servers.

One is a database server with Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 installed (also patches 31771877 and 31668882 are installed, so the database version is Oracle APEX with patch 32006852 is also installed.

The second server is the application server with Oracle WebLogic Server installed. Oracle REST Data Services are deployed on Oracle WebLogic Server.

Oracle REST Data Services is being used to provide access to Oracle APEX. Everything seems working fine, except multiple files upload speed - it's extremely slow.

For example, it takes about four minutes to upload 8MB file from my Internet browser through the application server to the database server. When I upload the same file from the application server to the database server with FTP, SSH or SQL*Net (with Quest Software Toad) it takes about 5-7 seconds, so it's not network or database issue.

Also for testing purpose, I have put my client, the application server and database server into common network segment, so there are no firewalls between servers and clients.

Also the same Oracle APEX application deployed on is able to upload files with speed is about 80MB per minute.

I don't know where and how to find the root of the cause. Probably it's somewhere between Internet browser and the application server or, maybe in Oracle REST Data Services. Looking through Internet I found this: In this case root was in slow AJAX calls, but I don't now how to check and prove it in my case.

Best regards, hope your help.


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