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How do I branch to newly inserted records?

User_UNWLM Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

I am using APEX 20.2 and I have just used the oracle data parser to insert data from a csv file into a table that already has data. I now want to display the newly added records to the screen in APEX. Does anyone have an idea on how to branch to the newest inserted records of a table?



  • TexasApexDeveloper
    TexasApexDeveloper Member Posts: 7,933 Gold Crown

    Possibly in an interactive report filtering on a created by date in table? to only show rows created today?

    Thank you!

    Tony Miller

    White Rock, NM

  • Mike Kutz
    Mike Kutz Member Posts: 6,195 Silver Crown

    Databases have no concept of "first", "last", and "new".

    You'll need a way to find what you call "new" rows. (eg, Tony's suggestion)

    Beyond that, you could use a view of the table that uses "VERSIONS BETWEEN". But, that's a hardcoded time range for finding "inserted data".. But, that shows recently inserted data regardless of who did it (probably not what you want)