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Apex 21.2 number field cannot have null BUG

ApexMeister Member Posts: 766 Bronze Badge

I'm using universal theme and I just upgraded from 20.2 to 21.2

I have a page with number field and I set the required property to FALSE.

When I try to submit (save) the page, it gives me this error.

I need to make this option (null) and this works in a prior version, thanks



  • TexasApexDeveloper
    TexasApexDeveloper Member Posts: 7,933 Gold Crown

    well, NULL isn't a valid number you MIGHT want to default value to something..

    NULL is the lack of anything..

    Thank you!

    Tony Miller

    White Rock, NM

  • InoL
    InoL Member Posts: 9,888 Gold Crown
    edited Jan 8, 2022 2:10PM

    That doesn't sound normal and I cannot reproduce it (with SAL in a form on the EMP table)

    This looks like a browser HTML5 message for numeric items. What browser are you using?

    Or do you use your own validations? Are the conditions correct?

    Can you reproduce it on