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Error: There is no such engine available Oracle Nashorn



  • robgauf
    robgauf Member Posts: 70 Blue Ribbon

    Confirming as well that this fixes the missing script engine problem:

    • Install a JDK 11 as pulled from the Oracle Java SE 11 Archive Downloads area (in my case 11.0.13). NOTE: the latest JDK 17 does NOT have the Oracle Nashua script engine (so even the Tools - Custom Transformations panel throws error messages).
    • Update the <user>\AppData\Roaming\datamodeler\<product version>\product.conf file to add the SetJavaHome statement (as noted above).
    • Accept the SD-DM startup warning about running too new a JDK (as noted above).

    And yes lo and behold the Custom Transformation scripts do run again.