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PeopleSoft: Fluid Position Data is not saving in classic position record

User_E362Z Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

The development team is encountering an issue in our development environment when we are trying to transact in Fluid Position Data.

The issue is when we save a new row in position through the fluid position data, the row is saved in the fluid record PS_POSITION_DATA_E but not in the classic record PS_POSITION_DATA. We already validated that this is working as expected in the demo (delivered) environment, but when we made some changes in according to the requirement, we are experiencing this issue. 

We can see some logged CI exception messages through the peoplecode trace, but we cannot see where we can find the consolidated messages or even if the classic CI (CI_POSITION_DATA) was actually called by the fluid CI (CI_POSITION_DATA_FL).

Does anyone experienced this when implementing the Fluid Position Data in their end?


  • User_ERKCD
    User_ERKCD Posts: 1 Employee

    Make sue that your Position is approved after you have saved. Field for workflow status WF_STATUS from PS_POSITION_DATA_E. on approval of the Fluid position the data from PS_POSITION_DATA_E will get copied to PS_POSITION_DATA Record.

  • user3483096
    user3483096 Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon

    This happened to us due to the user being an approver but the row security of the user is not sufficient (has no access to the Department or dept tree). The CI fails since it cannot call the Job Data.