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Is there a table that logs when a user last accessed a function_id from a menu / responsibility?

We would like to write a report that shows when a user last accessed functions that hang off menus linked to certain responsibilities. Is this data stored in any tables in R12 anywhere?

I can see that FND_LOGINS shows logins and FND_LOGIN_RESPONSIBILITIES shows responsibilities accessed for those logins, but I can only find another table FND_LOGIN_RESP_FORMS which only shows Oracle Forms that have been accessed, not OAF based screens.

I've also found ICX_SESSIONS that appears to have one row per login session that is updated with responsibility and function_id as the user navigates through the system but doesn't log all those entries, it just overwrites the same row. I thought ICX_TRANSACTIONS might give us what we need but some rows added for that user session navigation sometimes don't include the responsibility and function_id for some reason, so cannot be relied on for the reporting requirement.



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  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,778 Gold Crown
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    None of the resources/objects you mention are a standard part of a generic oracle database. It appears you are asking about the resources associated with some particular application, so the answer to your question depends on that application.

    Gavin 42