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How to force Interactive Grid to load all rows to use with model.forEach(function(igrow)

Jake4321 Member Posts: 221 Blue Ribbon

Hi all,

I am currently working with APEX 19.1.

I am using an interactive grid to capture a series of RFP line items and I have this requirement were the user wishes have quantity * price computed to total_line_cost and in turn, the total_line_cost computed into a grand_total of all lines. And the users wishes to see both totals update dynamically when the price or quantity is changed.

Easy enough, I have this working like a clockwork, except when I have more than 50 lines. My understanding is that when updating, the data is not all loaded into the model at once. only chunks of 50 rows roughly. If I manually scroll down to the last line and click an item quantity or price then all gets computed perfectly even if I have more than 50 lines. I tried with RFP of 250 and more and it works perfectly.

Question: How can I get this to work without forcing the user to scroll down to the last line and click on the line? Is there a way to force reading all the data into the model?

Any tips, comments, suggestions are greatly appreciated as usual.




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