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How to access pages with dynamic link

jackless Member Posts: 28 Green Ribbon

I want to change the link from a button dynamically. My current solution is a Item on the Global Page that gets changed with dynamic actions. When the user presses the button the link is reffering to the number stored in the global variable. This looks sth like this:

Unfortunatly, this doesn't work. I hope someone has an alternative solution.

Thanks a lot


Best Answers

  • fac586
    fac586 Senior Technical Architect Member Posts: 21,217 Red Diamond
    Answer ✓

    The main functionality is some kind of "get back to previous page"-button. I have a page that can be accessed from multiple points. Depending on the site the user is coming from a button "Go Back" should link to the previous page. My idea was to set the global variable to f.e. "100" when the user is coming from page 100 and the link changes to that number.

    Set the value of the "global variable" to the URL of the previous page rather than the number.

    Change the Action on the "Go Back" button to Submit Page.

    Add an After Submit branch to the page, with Type set to URL Identified by Item (Redirect) and Item to the "global variable" item.

  • TurGe24
    TurGe24 Member Posts: 10 Green Ribbon
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    I have just tested the following

    On your Go Back button create a dynamic action to run javascript code -  history.back()

    this for me returned me to the previous page