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register JDBC driver


I'm try to create a java program that connects to an SQLServer database.

Due to some restrictions I have upload the sqlserver jdbc jar file through loadjava.

Now, when I tried to create the java program, inside the database he doesn't recognize the jdbc driver that I have upload.

Outside Oracle database I don't have any problem because I can add external libraries and in the compilation it is used the classpath option, but the compilation inside the database doesn't know where the library is located.

I tried also to use the loadjava and the parameter -resolver to add the class file to see if it solves the issue, but I didn't had success.

So, can you tell me if it it possible and how can I add libraries to be used in the java programs that I need to create inside the database.

many thanks.

Jose Joao


  • Tony007
    Tony007 Member Posts: 4,236 Bronze Trophy

    hi which IDE are you using if you using eclipse got project>properties>java build path

  • user11276948
    user11276948 Member Posts: 5 Blue Ribbon


    the problem is not when I try in eclipse or even in JDeveloper. On those IDE I can add the jar file.

    The problem is when I save the java file inside oracle database, I can add the .class or .java or even .jar through the loadjava utility but will not work.

    So I need to know if it is possible to add the jdbc driver with the loadjava utility to the oracle database and then how can I have a java program, also inside Oracle database to use that jdbc driver.

    Many thanks.

    Jose Joao