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Trying to understand different pricing for oracle.

pauljohny Member Posts: 73 Red Ribbon
edited Feb 11, 2022 11:07AM in General Database Discussions

Oracle standard goes cpu editon goes for 17500 usd ..

There is named user license can some one tell me more about this.How much will it cost to around ?

Next Can we use oracle personnel for production application. .What shall be the price of personal oracle ..What is the last version available and what is the memory limit ?

Other solutions

Oracle cloud .. pricing I need to run jasper too there issue.

Aws rds ..How it cost to run per month .. lets say 4 gb ram and 50gb hard disk ?

Hosted oracle .. 25/50 usd per month..

Me just trying to understand the pricing so i can give right solution to clients.

Not going for enterprise edition currently cause some clients wont be able to afford..

Just need to be aware of the current pricing /Trying to find the right cost for the potential clients.

Any information highly appreciated