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How to rename a column in the "visualize" tab of data visualization in OAS


I'm using DV Project feature of OAS 5.9

To create a project, I'm making use of the existing subject areas. I would like to rename the columns (like custom column heading ). I don't see any option to do so in the grammar panel.

As a workaround, I'm adding a new calculation. However, I want to use the same column name with different logic in the canvases/visualizations.

For example: "Earned duration" is a column that is used multiple times in the project in different canvases/visualizations. I want to use the same name at different places within the project.

Adding a new calculation will not allow me to use the same column name again (as the column name has to be unique)


I can create custom columns at the rpd level, but there will be too many of them.

I was wondering if there's an option on DV projects to make use of custom column heading. I just want to rename a column heading.



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