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New release: 21.4.0 - featuring PL/SQL debugger and enhanced intellisense

Christian.Shay -Oracle
Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 2,199 Employee

We've just released version 21.4.0. Please try it out and let us know what you think by starting a new thread here in the forum.

Take a look at my recent blog covering key new features and a walkthough for getting the PL/SQL debugger up and running:

Key features in this release (driven by your feedback and requests):

  • PL/SQL Debugger - Debug PL/SQL in stored procedures, functions and packages using Visual Studio Code's native debugging features. Use menus to compile PL/SQL for debugging, to step into PL/SQL, and to run to a breakpoint. Enable External Application Debugging to listen for and debug PL/SQL procedures and functions called by applications or SQL scripts. See the blog entry above for a step by step walkthough.
  • IntelliSense support for table/view aliases
  • Smarter IntelliSense: Continuous parsing of SQL fragments being typed enables much better context sensitive autocomplete suggestions
  • Editor now supports hover, Go to/Peek Definition, Go to/Peek Type Definition and Go to/Peek Implementation
  • Support for User Defined Types within a select list (for example, queries against tables that include Oracle Spatial types)
  • Procedure/Function input parameter dialog improvements including keyboard only entry (no mouse clicks required)
  • SQL Parameter Binding Dialog is displayed with a request for input values when SQL is executed that includes undefined bind and substitution variables
  • Generate Create SQL menu item in Database Explorer outputs a CREATE SQL statement for a table or view
  • Support for .NET 6 which enables ARM64 processors such as Apple Silicon

Additional features:

  • Support for TLS based database connections without a wallet
  • Support for single sign-on (SSO) with OCI IAM when connecting to Oracle Autonomous Database
  • PL/SQL Compiler Settings page

Make sure you are on Visual Studio Code version 1.51.1 or later. You can check the version by using the Help->About menu item. To upgrade select Help->Check for Updates. Older VS Code versions will not see this 21.4.0 update in the Marketplace.

Check out the quickstart to get started and for more details on these feature enhancements.

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