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Email Customization in Oracle Identity Governance 12C tool

User_T3QS1 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Hi all,

I have 2 queries regarding the OIG12c tool customization

1st Question:

If a user in OIG is eligible for two types of email IDs:

1: that ends with ".com"

2: that ends with ".in"

But the user should only get one email based on some rules . [For eg: if the user is from India , then he should get a email ending with ".in" and if the user is from outside India, he should get an email id that ends with ".com".] Can we do this type of customization in OIM. If yes ,how can we do that? Kindly guide me.

2nd Question:

If the email eligibility of the user changes from ".in" to ".com" then the ineligible email should be deactivated after 15days Can we achieve this type of customization too? If yes, how can we do that.

Kindly help me regarding this problem


Ved J