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OAS 5.9 - DV Projects - Filter data where running aggregates are used

User_M1G21 Posts: 4 Employee
edited Mar 10, 2022 9:08PM in Oracle Analytics Server

I’m using /dv and creating a DV project where I have a pivot view and a custom column with running aggregates.

custom column -> Day count = RCOUNT(“Planned Labor Units")

This gives me the expected results, whichever month I have the values for Planned labor units, day count should be reflected.

The problem is when I try to select a specific month, say in the above, I want to see records for only “2015-01”. I should see the day count value as 1 because I have the planned labor units for “2014-01”.

However, if I use filter/list view to select a specific month, it filters the values, and my running aggregation breaks:

I want to filter the view, without actually filtering the underlying data,

This functionality is similar to “Table prompt” in classic OBIEE. How can I achieve this in DV projects?