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Need information on R12.2 upgrade table and table columns maximum number character can support

user13424229 Member Posts: 484 Bronze Badge

HI Team,

As per 12.2 standard, we found that table name should not be greater than 29 characters and table column name should not be greater than 28 characters. But we do have many such cases in our custom tables and columns.

1) Do we need to mandatorily rename the table name (<=29 characters) and column names (<=28 characters) ?

2) If yes, will there by any script or patch, we need to use?

If No, will there be any implications on the future patches or on the dependent objects?


As per our analysis, we could see some standard tables still having more than 29 characters and the editioning view is successfully created for those tables.

Please help to provide your suggestions on this .