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How to choose oracle database edition?


I am planning on implementing an oracle database production server for APEX and forms & reports applications deployment . However i am confused what edition to use Enterprise Edition (EE) , Standard edition (SE) or Express Edition (Oracle Database XE).

i need help choosing the right edition based on features (licensing cost is not an issue) .


  • tsangsir
    tsangsir Member Posts: 486 Silver Badge

    You can check the features of different editions from the "Database Licensing Information User Manual"

    Link for 19c

  • L. Fernigrini
    L. Fernigrini Data Engineer Sr Consultant Member Posts: 3,854 Silver Crown

    I believe it is the opposite way... tell us which features your applications will need and we can tell you which version you can use.

    XE has a 12Gb storage limit (you can use compression but it is still a limit on size) and 2GB RAM, so unless it is a very limited environment you may consider SE2 (Standard Edition 2) or EE (Enterprise Edition).

    Then, there are additional options or features that can be added (at extra cost) to EE.

    But you need to figure out what you actually NEED.

    Check out this GREAT page that allow you to identify which feature is available on each Oracle Version and Edition

    PD: You may also consider Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud, it allows you to scale very easily.