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Bug: Interactive Grid does authorization check, even though no scheme is applied to the region

Robert de Jager
Robert de Jager Member Posts: 9 Red Ribbon
edited Mar 21, 2022 9:45AM in APEX Discussions

Hello World,

I hope this is the correct place to post a bug report, I could not find a tracker.

Thanks in advance to whoever picks this up.

Description of the issue:

When an authorization scheme is applied to the application, it should run whenever a page is visited.

However, under certain circumstances, it also does authorization checks on Interactive Grid regions.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Define an authorization scheme that caches "Per Component" or not at all.

  Make sure it passes when authorizing any page, but fails when authorizing a region.

2. Apply the authorization scheme to your application.

3. Create a page with an Interactive Grid.

  Do not apply the authorization scheme to either.

  Make sure the Interactive Grid has at least 2 columns and Edit is enabled.

4. Make one of the columns a Popup LOV.

  Set a column for both the "Cascading LOV Parent" and "Items to Submit" attributes. Without this, the authorization scheme will not be triggered.

5. Apply a Dynamic action to the other column.

  Make sure it has a true action of type "Execute PL/SQL Code"

  Set a column for the "Items to Submit" attribute. Without this, the authorization scheme will not be triggered.

Expected Behaviour:

No authorization check is done, because I did not apply any scheme to the Region, Columns or Dynamic Action.

Affected versions:

- 18.2

- 20.2

I have not tested on Apex 21.2 yet.