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Where can I see current schema?

Is there anywhere besides the Update Connection screen where I can see the current schema? If not, is there a cool SQL command that will tell me?

It would be nice if the current schema could be displayed in more visible places. It could be hover text on the database in the ORACLE EXPLORER pane and for sure on the hover text on the connection name in the status bar.

Best Answer

  • Christian.Shay -Oracle
    Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 2,168 Employee
    edited Mar 21, 2022 3:15PM Answer ✓

    If you click "show more options" and then click the "Current Schema" drop down, the current schema should be highlighted. If it is not, let me know.

    Via SQL you can do: select sys_context( 'userenv', 'current_schema' ) from dual;

    I agree that we should provide this info via hover or menu. Thanks for the feedback!!!