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LDAP not working on DB switch over. Version

d.lange Member Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon

We have found that SQL Developer connections are holding onto the last successful connection path and not going back to LDAP to resolve the name. This causes connection failures when a database in a DataGuard configuration fails over to another server. The LDAP connection strings include FAILOVER syntax such that when a switchover occurs the connection string will still be valid.

For example, database XYZ runs as primary on host H1 and as standby on H2. The connection string references both H1 and H2 with the FAILOVER syntax. If a user has a SQL Developer connection established for database XYZ on Monday and we switchover database XYZ from host H1 to H2 on Monday night, when they attempt to use the XYZ connection on Tuesday, it will fail as if the connection has cached the target host of H1. This holds true even if SQL Developer is restarted. We then found that if we right-click on the XYZ connection, navigate to Properties, and then click Test and Connect, the connection will successfully be established to the XYZ database that is now running on H2. Once that is done, then subsequent connections to XYZ are successful directly from the ‘Connections’ list.

Are there any options to disable the caching of connection paths established via LDAP?