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DBMS_MLE package appears to be missing on APEX 21.2 (web and oracle cloud )

User_H49H7 Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

Hi all.

I've been doing the APEX 21.2 tutorials.

One of the tutorials is the APEX + Server-Side JavaScript.

I've got a web based APEX workspace and also the always free Oracle Cloud database APEX workspace. It looks like I can't access the DBMS_MLE package. It appears to be missing.

Also - in the SQL Commands area - when I try to access the JavascriptMLE language option it is not present - only SQL and PL/SQL are available.

Any idea how to get DBMS_MLE set up?

Thanks in advance for any help


  • User_H3J7U
    User_H3J7U Member Posts: 1,062 Gold Trophy

    Not all regions support the same database version. The supported version may be 19c-only or 21c-only, depending on the region.

  • User_H49H7
    User_H49H7 Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

    Many thanks for your reply.

    I wish this was made clear in the tutorial that this was the case that the DBMS_MLE package may only be present in certain regions. Considering I am using the UK based web/cloud database - you'd expect it to be present for such a large Oracle user region. This is another one of the frustrating things with Oracle. They want users to try out things but then do not provide the infrastructure to support that.

  • JKL
    JKL Member Posts: 31 Bronze Badge

    I have the same issue. But I am in the US East region, which is in one of the supported region per this article:

    Does anyone make this to work? My APEX SQL Commands windows does not have the Javascript MLE option neither. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Mine is a free tier as well. Thanks

  • JKL
    JKL Member Posts: 31 Bronze Badge
    edited Apr 14, 2022 7:15PM

    Ok, I may have found the solution to this.

    Login to your OCI Cloud Autonomous DB account

    Pull up the Autonomous database

    Then click on the Database Action tab. This should take you to the Cloud Database Action window logged in as ADMIN.

    Click on the SQL tile that will take you to the SQL Developer Web as ADMIN user. Then run the following grant statements. Replace your APEX user schema with the proper one. Once you did this, log out of APEX and log back in, your SQL Commands window Language dropdown will show Javascript (MLE) option. I haven't tested this inside APEX yet. But I can see the Language option within APEX like the Define New Processes area or any other. So this is a start. You will need to do the same for your APEX app schema that is linked to your Workspace. May need to check into the DB role to see if we can add these privileges to the role so that any new schema created by APEX will have it.

    grant execute dynamic mle to apex_210200;

    grant EXECUTE ON JAVASCRIPT to apex_210200;