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I can't get a java download?

User_PAD2T Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Mar 31, 2022 6:41AM in Java SE Discussion

okay, so I'm just trying to learn some basic stuff and get a starting point for making a simple minecraft mod while following an outdated youtube video. probably not the smartest move, but I have no clue where else to start.

it says I need the Java SE Development Kit 11.0.14 and so I try to download it.

and after begrudgingly making an account to do so, I'm met with this,

"Oracle Access Manager Operation Error

The WebGate plug-in is unable to contact any Access Servers.

Contact your website administrator to remedy this problem."

Of which is frustrating.

So would anyone be willing to help explain to the newbie what's going on? Because I don't really have a reason for making an account otherwise. And I already know my frustration is going to get me nowhere fast.