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URL of a page in Email

Sushmitha Sundar-Oracle
Sushmitha Sundar-Oracle Member Posts: 22 Employee
edited Mar 31, 2022 9:53AM in APEX Discussions


I have a questionnaire form in my application to insert values to database. Once the form is submitted, data gets inserted and a new unique id is generated. I was to send this unique id to the user in a email with a link to the record for this id. The link should open the form with all the details.

This is the email content:



<a href = "&P18_MY_HIDDEN_URL.">&P18_ID. </a> questionnaire has been updated for customer &P18_CUST.</a> in &P18_INDUSTRY. industry by &APP_USER.


And P18_MY_HIDDEN_URL is obtained with code below


  l_app number := v('APP_ID');

  l_session number := v('APP_SESSION');

  l_url varchar(4000);




    p_url => '' || l_app || ':10:::NO:10:P10_ID:'||:P18_ID,

  p_checksum_type => 'SESSION');


1.However when I try to open the link from email, it throws following error after login.

2.I noticed that though checksum is passed , it is not populated in the url. I do not want to set the page 10 unrestricted as I do not want to allow the user to modify the paramter in url and view other entries.

3.Note that i have enabled deep linking for the app.

4. Please let me know how to get this link working and why checksum is not being passed. Is it a bug from APex. I also noticed this post in the forum about the same checksum issue