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SQLDeveloper remote access to WSL2/Ubuntu or any *nix distro + oracle clients for wsl2

User_4NH2K Member Posts: 25 Blue Ribbon
edited Apr 4, 2022 5:41AM in SQL Developer

can i use my window's SQLDeveloper to remotely access and develop codes in the WSL2 *nix disto? something like what VScode do.

i prefer the *nix scripting than windows. so I was planning to use WSL2/*nix. I am not sure what i need in term of Oracle utilities on the current Ubuntu I have in WSL2. btw I am not even sure which is the recommended Oracle *nix on WSL2 (I Ubuntu OK? - I saw a lot of people doing it but not without compatibility issues of some kind - May be it needs the Oracle *nix like Oracle Linux of some sort or Red Hat ?).

I don't know if it is necessary to install a separate SQL Developer for just inside WSL2 / *nix.

and depending on the recommeded Oracle distro - if it is available or on in WSL2 (seems I saw something recently about Oracle Linux 8.5 - maybe that could be compatible to get oracle tools to work in WSL2). Mainly i need only things like the oracle connectivity clients for linux, sqlplus etc, python/cx_oracle, anaconda python/juptyper nodebook with the oracle sql magic extensions etc.

so any ideas please or link where i can refer to find what i need for WSL2/Ubuntu or other *nix?

Thank you