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Power Query to Oracle using OLE DB not working

I am trying to get Power Query (Excel 2016) to Oracle 12c working. In excel using ODBC and MS Query I can connect to Oracle fine. You cannot use ODBC with Power Query you have to use Microsoft OLE DB for Oracle. I downloaded 64-bit ODAC 12.2c Release 1 for windows x64. I installed it and followed the setup instructions. Then in Power Query I go to get data and choose Oracle Provider for OLE DB, in Data Link Properties page I fill in details, ipaddress/database as the data source and test the connection, which is a success. Instead of showing the user database like it does with ODBC, loads of Schema tables like OPS$Username, SYS… are listed. You cannot view the fields in the tables. Any idea why I cannot see the user database using OLE DB but I can using ODBC?