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Unable to install OracleXe21c

I keep getting the error message below, even though i have search for Oracle files on my PC dont seem to find any


  • The installer is seeing an OracleServiceXE in your list of services. If you cannot uninstall the old version of XE, you will need to at least manually delete that service.

  • User_WIZ3A
    User_WIZ3A Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
    edited May 13, 2022 8:31PM

    I had the same issue, seems to happen when you cancel an installation or uninstall. As someone said you will need to manually delete any OracleXE services remaining on your computer then it will work. I did this by opening command prompt as administrator, opening services.msc then scrolling down to find the remaining XE services and then used sc delete service_name in command prompt for each of the services (where service_name would be the name of the OracleXE service you want to delete).

    Here is another link on the topic. This one is from 18c but the process is the same. Hope this helps!