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Extract all records from a query


Perhaps I am blind but I would like to know how to extract ALL the results from a query. I mean, I know the max rows shows the limit of the rows Visual Code is showing (to avoid memory/time consumption problems) but for instance, if we have a SQL query which has more than 1000 results, how can I export all the rows?

The CSV output only exports the lines shown in Visual Code, for example, in the previous example of a total of 1000 lines, it shows only 50, it will only export those 50 records.

Sorry if the question is very newbie.

Thanks and kind regards!


  • You will need to go into the settings and set Query>Result Set:Max Rows to either -1 or a number larger than the total number of rows. The MaxRows setting limits the number of rows returned to 500 by default. -1 means "no limit". However, please be aware that a large number of rows may take a long time to fetch. If you lose patience, there is a cancel button (a red square) in the results tab.

  • User_5BMQV
    User_5BMQV Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    First of all, thanks for your fast reply.

    One question, there is no way like in SQL Developer?

    I mean, in SQL developer I do not need for the program in each SQL statement execution to fetch all the restults. It is only when I "export" the results into an excel file or CSV when the program fetch all the lines.

    Behaviour in SQL Developer:

    • I run a query and it fetches, for example, the first 50 records.
    • I export the results into an excel/csv/json and it fetches all the results (1000).

    In this way I am not "blocking" the program each time I execute a query but only for those moments when I want to export all the results.

    Kind regards,