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Report - Export to HTML - small remarks

Peter2_1 Member Posts: 264 Red Ribbon

Some kind of usability remarks - here is a report in Firefox, exported to HTM:

The "title" is always "Result data". That's too neutral, doesn't say much. Maybe you can add some dynamic content - scheme, name of report, ...

I pressed the "Go" button - nothing happened. In the code it is defined as "search", and playing around I found that is is a dynamic row-filter. It's great, but I don't know how many users realize it. Maybe you can think about:

  • Better display and description of the input-field. At the moment it is white-on-white in the left corner
  • The function of "Go". I don't see any ...
  • Switching between case-sensitive and case-insensitive. At the moment it seem to be fixed on case-sensitive

And maybe some luxury features like more infos in a header: date, time, scheme, ..