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SQLcl 22.1 CodeScan -more info please

Mike Kutz
Mike Kutz Member Posts: 6,181 Silver Crown

I just got a news article (by @thatJeffSmith-Oracle ) announcing SQLcl v22.1 and some of its new features.

The most interesting one (to me) is the CodeScan feature.

I believe I had mentioned my desire to have the "custom highlighting" feature enhanced for such "code sniffing" capabilities.

With that: Thank You for adding this feature.

(image from email)

I'm assuming the blog on this feature is "coming soon".

I have some questions regarding this feature that might not show up in the blog:

  • Which "_slow=true" programming styles are detected?
  • Can we modify that list?
    • turn certain checks on/off
    • create our own
  • Will this feature be ported to SQL Developer?
  • 10g CBO converts (certain) loops into Bulk Collect-FORALL. Is there a way for the engine to suggest the same? (eg here is some potentially "_slow=true" code, here is a suggested improved version - but this may be a better feature for SQL Developer)

oh ..

  • link to the blog?



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