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Oracle Apex textarea value jQuery

User_L0W8S Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Apr 8, 2022 12:56PM in APEX Discussions


I'm having an issue with a DA I created for copying comment value from first textarea item to the following fields in the same report. The textarea field is created within a report region SQL query APEX_ITEM.TEXTAREA(1, ..., ..., ...).

I created a button which runs a JavaScript expression with the following code:

if ($('input[name=f01]').val() == undefined) {


 apex.message.showErrors([{type:'error',location:'page',message:'No comments inserted',unsafe: false}]); 

} else {



Whatever is inserted into the textarea the code still returns an error saying 'No comments inserted', which means it's not receiving any data from the textarea item. Why is that? How to get around that issue? I have used the same method on other items and it's working as needed.

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