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SDDM 21.4.2 does not recognize Groovy engine

I installed the latest version of SDDM 21.4.2 yesterday and trying to use the groovy engine to run my scripts. SDDM complains that the engine does not exist even though I tried copying the latest groovy-4.0.1.jar file to all data modeler extensions directories. I do not see the java.ext.dirs environment properties in the latest version. I also tried adding the groovy jar file to the "Third Party JDBC Drivers" section in the Preferences and nothing works. Is groovy still supported in SDDM? Can you please help to resolve this issue?



  • Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
    Philip Stoyanov-Oracle Member Posts: 3,410 Employee

    There is no special support for Groovy - we support JSR-223 API, so any complaint language can be used.

    You need to to put Groovy jar file(s) into following directory in order to be recognized:


    Keep in mind that 21.4.2 and JDK 1.8 doesn't work even with Nashorn engine, so you need JDK 11

  • Senkum
    Senkum Member Posts: 39 Blue Ribbon

    Hi @Philip Stoyanov-Oracle,

    I specifically installed the JDK 11.0.8 version for the SDDM. However, I do not see the JRE directory! Am I missing something here? Should I create it manually to copy the groovy library file in there?

  • Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
    Philip Stoyanov-Oracle Member Posts: 3,410 Employee

    ok, following worked for me:

    1) download groovy

    2) unzip it somewhere

    3) modify datamodeler.conf file located in datamodeler\datamodeler\bin directory of DM installation - DM 21.4.2 and JDK 11

    add following line in datamodeler.conf file (use the pathe where groovy is extracted:

    AddJavaLibFile D:\Inst\apache-groovy-binary-4.0.1\groovy-4.0.1\lib\groovy-jsr223-4.0.1.jar

    JRuby is added in the same way

  • Senkum
    Senkum Member Posts: 39 Blue Ribbon

    Okay, the errors now disappeared but nothing happens when I click the Apply button. The scripts won't run!