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how to retain the object owner in changesets upon running lb update from a different account?

wes_fdny Member Posts: 17 Red Ribbon

Stuck on a seemingly simple issue while trying to experiment a CI/CD process.


  1. DB Admin creates a system user called "SQLCL_JENKINS" to push change sets to test,stage and prod env.
  2. Developer creates a new user called "FDNY" and builds out the schema.
  3. Developer is ready to move code from Dev to Test.
  4. Developer points SQLCL at Dev FDNY and runs lb genschema. The content of the files have Owner set to each object as FDNY. Code is versioned in github.
  5. DB Admin pulls the github code and launches/logs in to sqlcl/database as SQLCL_JENKINS.
  6. DB Admin runs lb update but the objects generated are created in SQLCL_JENKINS schema and not under the correct FDNY user schema (defined in the changeset xml).

@thatJeffSmith-Oracle or anyone have a solution?



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