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How to maintain single workspace in Logical and Relational Model?

Rajesh Manivannan
Rajesh Manivannan Member Posts: 16 Green Ribbon

Hi All...I'm new to "Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler" tool, I have few clarifications. Please check below:

Is that possible to have individual workspace to have an individual fact table, by having relationships with required Dim tables ? Example: In the logical model we have 5 dimension , 1 fact table, and that 1 fact table is having relationship with ONLY with 3 dimensions. ( Remaining 2 dim will be used for other fact table). In this scenario I would like to create relationship between one fact table and 3 dim in separate workspace, so that we will have clear view to present it to business users.

For now I'm using "Subviews" feature, which is working as workspace. However, if I create relationships in that subview for one fact table by bringing that fact table with required dimensions in that subview, relationships are appearing in the "Logical Model" window as well.

  1. Apart from Subviews, is there any other feature to maintain relationship between fact and dim for an individual fact table ?
  2. How to hide relationships in "Logical Model" or in "Relational Model" window? Please advise

Please find the attached screenshot with simple example:

Screenshot 1 has subview

Screenshot 2 shows relationships in Logical Model - I'm trying to hide the relationship in this view.