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Listener with odbc on reboot

Dip Member Posts: 664 Bronze Badge


We just installed database 21c XE on Oracle Linux 8. With the instructions. No changes.

We need to look into a view that is in SQLAnywhere database. So we set up everything for the odbc connection. Restarted the listener and it works. It works until we (for test) reboot Oracle database linux server.

After reboot odbc doesn't work. Tnsping works, lsnrctl status returns right values. ODBC service with the status unknown is there.

To solve the problem we need to manually stop and start the listener. It takes one minute to start everything up. odbc instance is up in a second. We then wait for everything else to show on lsnrctl status. Then odbc works. Lsnrctl status shows the same values as before reboot.

We restart listener by hand as oracle user.

What could be the problem? Why doesn't it work after the reboot and we have to manually stop and start the listener to work. Maybe because of oracle user permissions.