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Entity size alignment


Is there any shortcut to align all the entity’s we bring in the subview with same size( both height and width) ? If we adjust manually, it’s very difficult. Please let me know if anyone know the shortcut

I have seen that option in toad data modeler and Powerdesigner.





  • Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
    Philip Stoyanov-Oracle Member Posts: 3,410 Employee

    1) resize one table to required size

    2) us Ctrl+A to select all

    3) use Ctrl+mouse_click to deselect table created at step 1), and again use Ctrl+mouse_click to select it

    4) use menu Edit to resize other tables

    Having all tables with the same size is not that good - they have different number and types of elements. You need to play with level of details :

    1) create subvie

    2) put objects on it

    3) create display(s)

    4) set level of details - "Names Only" is the smallest presentation

    5) resize to vizible - in Layou menu

    6) do auto-layout, tune it manually if needed

  • Rajesh Manivannan
    Rajesh Manivannan Member Posts: 16 Green Ribbon

    This helps Philip..I used menu Edit to resize other tables by selecting "Align left". Looks great now

    Same way is there any short cut to allign the Foreign Key relationship labels? I tried selecting all relationship label in subview and tried to align towards left by selecting "Align Left", but its not responding. Please advise