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issue with scrol bar in 12c

Tony007 Member Posts: 4,224 Bronze Trophy
edited Apr 21, 2022 4:15PM in Forms

hi am having issue with scroll bar when i click the scrol bar down it does not move record BUT WHEN I click the record and use down arrow the scroll bar move

i have this trigger in my block


IF :system.last_record != 'TRUE' then




IF :system.cursor_record != 1 then




  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager USMember Posts: 7,136 Employee
    edited Apr 21, 2022 6:05PM

    I think you are misinterpreting what is happening.

    The scrollbar is used to move the visual area where the records are shown. This of it as a stacked canvas (it isn't but the concept is similar). Regardless of how you get there, if you move to the very bottom visible row then press the up arrow (or page up) you will see that the scrollbar will not move and the record will not change (yet). This is because the cursor is still visible and you are not trying to move to a hidden row. However, when you eventually keyboard navigate to the top and attempt to access rows that are not visible yet, the current row/record will change as the hidden record you are trying to access is brought into view.

    In short, the scrollbar is not for navigating to the next/previous record. It is for bringing hidden rows into view when they are not visible.

    This is expected behavior.


    And regarding your KEY triggers, keep in mind that these are "key" triggers and will not file when interacting with the scrollbar. By default, KEY-SCRUP/DOWN are mapped to the Page Up / Page Down keys and not the arrow up/down.

    Michael Ferrante

    Senior Principal Product Manager


    Twitter: @OracleFormsPM