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How to generate PDF report in one shot for all the Subview ?


In Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler tool - Is that possible to print all the Subview in PDF format in one shot?

Currently I have more that 20subview, I'm able to print ONLY one at a time. Please let me know if there is any shortcut to print all subview in PDF format, instead printing one by one.




  • SchwabW
    SchwabW Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon

    Hi Rajesh,

    For this purpose, generating all PDF Subviews, I am using 18.4 Version of Datamodeler. Within the Generate Report function in the HTML you have the option for Reporting on tables.

    This report generates within the specified directory, for each subview a PDF File.

    This functionality was removed somewhere with 20.x version

    For performing the day to day changes I am currently using 21.4.2.

    Greetings, Walter