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Disconnect all connections with one click and folder organization

Yevon Member Posts: 109 Blue Ribbon

It would be nice having an icon for disconnecting all connections at the same time, and having connections organized in folders like sqldeveloper. The folder organization would not be much needed if we could just store connection info as part of the workspace.


  • The connections in Database Explorer Tree Control are really just a list of stored connection strings in a json file so you can use them the same way as SQL Developer, I think.

    How were you planning to use this feature that you cannot do today with Database Explorer?

    "Close all connections" is an interesting idea. I will add it to our list. Closing VS Code has the same effect, btw.



  • Yevon
    Yevon Member Posts: 109 Blue Ribbon

    Yes, closing vscode will close all connections but I really use that feature in sqldeveloper quite often as sometimes you just want to close connections of a given folder without closing the program.

    It would be nice being able to store connections config by vscode workspace / repository, so everything could get more organized when you have lots of connections. Or for being able to share the connection config between developers that might have access to one respository but not to another.

  • Thank you! This is very interesting and useful. I will add it to our list of potential features.