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IR Date Filter Bug - APEX 21.2 and 22.1

SaraB Member Posts: 244 Blue Ribbon


We're running APEX 21.2.5 and have a problem where the hours and minutes select lists are displayed the wrong way round when filtering on a date column in an interactive report:

In the above screenshot the time is 13:45, but the minutes are displayed first. This does not prevent the filter from working, the correct time is used, it is just a UI issue.

I have reproduced this issue on with a very basic interactive report, see So this is also an issue in 22.1. It is only when there is a time component in the date format for the column, so you will need to filter on the Created Date column. (Actions - Filter - Column = Created Date - Click the datepicker icon).

If it's of help, I believe this might be a CSS problem as although the elements are set to float right, this is being ignored:

If you take off the float:none!important, then the select lists are displayed correctly.

Is anyone able to advise or provide a fix?

Many thanks