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where clause on data block

tayshaun Member Posts: 78 Red Ribbon

I use oracle_linux, and I have oracle forms installed

I have a form and I want to filter the records of that form by the where clause of the data block, I have a subquery related to another table that is the one with the status that I do not want to show in that form

my subquery is : that I have in the block in the where clause

not exists(select * from movh h,movd d

where h.cod_mov=d.cod_mov

and h.ncf=d.ncf and not exists(select p.period from period p



and h.period=p.period

and h.period=p.period

and d.period=p.period

and p.period_st='B'))

by the database when I execute the query it works fine, but when I put the query in the data block of the form it doesn't show me any records, and when I press the Shift + F1 key, it shows FRM-42100:No errors encountered recently