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Oracle Apex EBS Extension Apex URL not mapping

Adeel Aslam
Adeel Aslam Member Posts: 83 Blue Ribbon
edited May 9, 2022 1:40PM in APEX Discussions


I have Installed Apex 21.2 on a standalone Server and following apex-ebs-extension-white-paper-345780 to Integrate EBS R12.1 with Apex server, i have done all of configuration mentioned in White paper , as apex is on different server so i am following instruction accordingly with different database installation for apex but i am not able to get mapped Oracle apex URL as I can't see FND: APEX URL , i have created this profile manually and set the Apex Server URL deployed on seprate server, but once i have created menu and functions i setup the function with below options

function Type : SSWA jsp function


Once i click on function to open Apex URL i receive below error

An exception occured.


javax.servlet.ServletException: Target Application type APEX is invalid or unsupported !!

I want to fix this by opening apex page without authentication as i want to use same EBS session to authenticate Apex page which is already using the Same fnd users table for authentication.