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Publish Oracle Dev Tools to the OpenVSX registry

Hi there,

The Oracle Developer Tools extension is published on Microsoft's VS Code Marketplace, which makes it available to lots of people. This, sadly, excludes anyone who uses VS Code by running from source, using projects like VS Codium or utilizing VS Code from within places that integrate it (like Gitpod, Eclipse Theia). These projects have to use another marketplace (due to Microsoft's Terms of Service) and most of them have settled on the vendor-neutral FOSS OpenVSX registry.

It would be great if the extension could be in there too, enabling it for hundreds of thousands of developers who currently cannot access it from their workflows.

It would be best if Oracle could publish the extension themselves, because it would really simplify the whole process.

If there's already an automated process in place to publish to Microsoft's Marketplace, publishing to OpenVSX should be super-easy. OpenVSX has a CLI. ovsx, that behaves very similarly to vsce.

There are docs about the publishing process in the OpenVSX GitHub Wiki and I am willing to assist in any problems that might arise in the publishing process.

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