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Can i instantly execute Viewcriteria without clicking the search button?

ChristianM0147 Member Posts: 35 Red Ribbon


im currently working with JDev version

I created 2 Entitybased view Objects that are linked via Association (master-detail).

For the detail view object i created several view criterias that differentiate in the where clause. (where colour = orange, where colour = blue, where colour = green)

I dragged one view criteria of those 3 on my page as a query, after that i dragged the corresponding view object on the page to create a editable table. In the query i linked the id of the table in the 'resultComponentId'.

So when i start my page and click on the drop down menu to select a view criteria i also need to click on the search button after that to apply my criteria to the table. Is there a way to combine those 2 steps? Is it possible to select a view critera in the drop down and it immediatelly applies on the table?


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