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Microsoft MAUI and Oracle

Jassim Rahma
Jassim Rahma Member Posts: 51 Blue Ribbon


How can I connect my MAUI app to Oracle autonomous database?




  • Alex Keh-Oracle
    Alex Keh-Oracle Posts: 3,152 Employee

    Since MAUI is merely the UI. data access occurs through typical means, such as ADO.NET, Entity Framework Core, REST, etc. The only question is whether the data access preference you choose will work on the platform you're running on.

    Something like REST via Oracle REST Data Services, can work on any platform. ODP.NET and Oracle EF Core will work on Windows and macOS. I'm not sure about Android and iOS.

    What I often see developers do is use a middle-tier perform the business logic and data access. They can better optimize connection pooling and caching via middle-tiers. The middle-tier then performs data access through ADO.NET or EF Core.