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i need to group rows in a table

Departments view object

Employees view object

I want to display the data like::::



employeeis employeename

10 stiffany

20 george




employeeis employeename

30 suzzana

40 lilly

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  • Vojin Janjic
    Vojin Janjic Member Posts: 73 Blue Ribbon

    It is difficult to follow the requirement from the short writeup you provided... Assuming that you can make a join between these two tables, create a simple interactive report. Include columns that you would like to display, then use CONTROL BREAK for the column that may be called "Department Name" from table DEPARTMENTS. I do not have the same dataset, but it will look something like this:

    Edit, in my example, of course, can be represented as EMPLOYEE_ID (or whatever you call that column).

  • user4051386
    user4051386 Member Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon
    Answer ✓

    thanks for ur replay

    interactive report means using reporting tool to create a report

    I need any solution from jdeveloper to display the data that way