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How to URL csv file loaded into unix Location(/equ/str/loaded)

User_IAP38 Member Posts: 14 Green Ribbon


i have the url: after loaded the screen edc_data.csv

above file edc_data.csv file move  unix Location(/equ/str/loaded)

can you please how to do in oracle



  • BluShadow
    BluShadow Member, Moderator Posts: 41,978 Red Diamond

    What are you actually asking for?

    a) How to copy a file from a website URL to the server, or

    b) How to reference the CSV file on your server once you've copied it there

    Obtaining data from a website address is done using the UTL_HTTP package.

    That will allow you to access the website address from which the 'response' will be the CSV data in your case, and then you can take that response and write that to a file on your server. That could be either by collecting the data in a CLOB variable and then writing it to a file using DBMS_LOB.CLOB2FILE, or by using the UTL_FILE package to write the contents out bit by bit.

    There's various considerations such as security... do you need a wallet to access a secure website for example... and file/directory permissions on the server etc.

    Without knowing exactly what you're trying to do though it's hard to tell you exactly what you need.