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What is e1pagehelper.js


  • This is not a file distributed as part of JET. Where are you seeing it?

  • Philip Sommer
    Philip Sommer Member Posts: 103 Blue Ribbon
    edited Jun 1, 2022 2:27PM

    Hello User_P3SIS,

    e1pagehelper.js is a JS-script distributed with newer Tools Releases of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (E1 for short). It is used in the integration of web content as "classic pages" into E1s' web interface. Key feature is the availability of the AIS APIs through methods provided in the script. This enables SSO and data retrieval from the backend (DB) for the "classic pages".

    Kind Regards,


    P.S.: It is generally not related to JET, but Oracle pushes for use of JET (in combination with the pagehelper) inside E1 with its' own design of "UX One" applications.

    P.P.S.: You may find the following API documentation useful at under Section "Javascript APIs to Launch an Application, Report, E1 Page". The pagehelper is what implements these APIs.